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What We do


offers a variety of precision machining services to accommodate any requirements on any project in any industry. While working in a part-per-print environment, versatility is key. 

We understand and utilize the strengths of each service to produce a quality product in a timely manner.


The company works mainly in the field of experimental, production, engineering and developmental activity.

Development and production of:
• Complete range of spare parts for water meters – industrial and household
• Tooling and non-standard equipment.

⦁ Precision devices, details and mechanisms for individual customer requests.
⦁ Spare parts for the automotive industry.
⦁ Precision devices, parts and mechanisms used in machine building.

⦁ Energy-saving lighting.
⦁ Chlorination systems.
⦁ Low level signaling and dense fluid pumps.
⦁ Plastic details.
⦁ Design and production of plastic casting tools, dies and presses for cutting, bending and drawing.


Components for machines & Parts

We produce components for machine building, automotive, agriculture and other single or serial parts upon customer request. We have the ability to produce parts of metals and plastics in a wide range, which require lathe and milling. Ability to perform milling operations requiring three and five axis processing. We have the ability to mold plastic and make the tooling for them


Repairing and replacing

We elaborate details on defective / destroyed / detail presented by the client and develop the relevant structural and technological documentation.

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Accurate Manufacturing

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ISO 9001

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Facts & Figures

More than 30 years of experience on the market, providing high quality pfoducts and services.
More than 98% of the production meets the deadline.
More than 2 000 000
details and parts
Great price and
Well educated and very experienced engineers.
Beneficiary of OP Innovations and Competitiveness
Business partners and clients from more than 30 countries.

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